Columbus has an open-minded approach to life and business. It’s a smart region with a progressive attitude, where people are free to go out on a limb. Where diversity isn’t just a state of being, but a state of mind. Columbus is made real through ideas, lifestyles and neighborhoods—every day. Because we share the philosophy that Columbus is open to all, we are always thinking forward, always thinking big, and always open to new ideas. In Columbus, we are not only able—we are encouraged—to thrive.
In January 2011, in an unprecedented collaboration, the primary partner organizations working together to drive the marketing of Columbus forward hired Fahlgren Mortine as a single agency of record to take “smart and open” and bring it to life in strategic and tactical marketing and communications programs. Born directly out of the “smart and open” positioning, the ColumbUS mark was designed to reflect the city’s inclusivity and togetherness through the emphasis on the “US” within the logo. The US is represented in a contrasting color in order to signify not only the region’s unity, but also its position in the domestic and global marketplace. The star represents Columbus as the capital of Ohio.

The ColumbUS logo and brand elements were first seen by the public via 200Columbus the Bicentennial, a year-long celebration of the city’s 200th birthday. Because the Bicentennial was designed to inspire community pride and engagement in the city’s progress, increasing vitality and events, 2012 served not only as a launching pad for the brand work but also the delivery of a consistent Columbus story across organizations.

There are many organizations and sectors that talk about our community every day. Civic organizations, the arts community, the corporations, the many universities and medical centers and others rely on how Columbus is thought of to attract businesses, students, patrons and others.

Columbus competes globally. The economic implications of attracting and retaining business, hosting meetings and events, attracting top executives, educators,physicians, etc. and encouraging college graduates to remain in the area are significant. Our success makes the difference between thriving in the next century or staying status quo. Together, we can make a positive impact when we express our story in a consistent manner, speak with one voice and build further collaboration.

And there is another important benefit – community pride. Our citizens can become ambassadors for our community and help tell the world about Columbus. We’ve got a thriving creative class, an energetic young professional community, and invested civic and corporate leaders who all want to do their part to amplify this message. As residents, we must believe in ourselves and be proud of where we live, work, and play.

Our goal is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leading place to live and work, so that we can attract more business development, tourism and talent to our region, and build community pride.
You can! Any industry, organization or individual promoting Columbus as a place to live, visit, attend school, raise a family or start a business is welcome and encouraged to use the materials provided on this website. Is something missing that you’d like to have to help you participate? Let us know!
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